Weak - SWV Cover

Recorded at

Cockpit Studios -Los Angeles

Produced by Avli Music Productions

"Me and Mrs. Jones"- Billy Paul

"Dancing on my Own" Calum Scott

"goodnight n go"- Ariana Grande

"Young Kind of Love"- Joey Contreras
"Orange Colored Sky"- Nat King Cole
"Not in that Way"- Sam Smith
"Only Us"- Dear Evan Hansen
Yael Karoly as 'Carla' in Pittsburgh CLO's
"In The Heights"
I Will Follow You Cover - Yael Karoly

Originally performed by Ricky Nelson, Yael's cover gives this 1960's classic a modern twist.

Produced and recorded by

Avli Music Productions

"Long Long Time"- Linda Ronstadt
"Since I Fell For You"- Buddy Johnson